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How did you end up in Bali?

Travel has been engraved in me at a very young age so if I’m not on a trip then I’m either talking about one or dreaming of the next. Traveling has always been my probiotic, my go to for a mental and spiritual cleanse. It’s also the drive and motivation behind working, my sell hard and travel far mentality. It was just a matter of time before I made it to Bali as I intend to visit every continent and as many cities that lay between, There is always a girl in my stories that keeps me grounded to, in fact that was the main reason I chose Bali as my base. That woman is now my wife.

Did it take some time to adjust to life on the island?

Bali Is a lot different than other places I’ve visited in SE Asia. It seemed like I was always asking a lot of questions or searching for answers online, I never got the right answer until I asked the right question with the right person. Things that look too good to be true usually are, and it’s best to seek advice from other ex-pats that have lived on the Island for a while before making any major decisions. I’ve lived here over two years now and I am always learning something new, and I still go to other expats for their knowledge of the island. There are definitely some big differences compared to the USA but for me its been a good transformation. I’ve completely minimized and simplified my life here.

Is there anything that’s especially difficult?

I haven’ seen my mom or dad for almost three years, they will both turn 81 this year. My father has a few health issues as well as my mom, so not being there for them is difficult. My parents are still waiting to meet my wife, who had her tourist Visa denied twice to USA. Its okay though, we traveled everywhere else. The initial concern from my family about living  in Bali has eased over the years, but being distant from the ones you love is the single hardest part about being here. Working in Bali has been difficult as well, It’s a hard lesson to swallow for a seasoned salesman as myself. I always thought that if a person can sell they can get a job anywhere which has proved to be the wrong thinking in Bali if you are a expat. But I will figure it out. Hopefully Halo Bule will help out eventually with persistence.


Veronica & Me Jogjakarta 2020

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to move to Bali?

Experience the island for a significant period of time. See if it speaks to you. Visit both the mountains and the sea, as they have very different vibes. If when you get back home, and you find the urge to come back too strong to ignore, you’ll know you will know the island of the Gods have chosen you.

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