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How I Find Cheap Flights To Bali

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I remember my first solo flight to SE Asia, it was to Thailand. I was so excited but so nervous at the same time. For one I didn’t make a whole lot of money so just clicking that pay button online for a $800 rt was scary. I had no clue to what I was doing back then but that didn’t stop me. Finding cheap flights from lax to Bali isn’t any different, it’s pretty easy actually. You need to know when to look, where to look,  willing to be flexible, and have a little patience. Below are some useful tips that will have you flying in no time with extra pocket money for your trip.

Flexible Dates & Times Will Help you Find Cheap Flights To Bali

Being flexible is my number one piece of advice I give to someone when they ask me, “How do I find cheap flights to Bali ?’ If you don’t mind a few extra layovers  or traveling early in the morning or last flight at midnight, then this will help.


Airlines use advanced algorithms to determine their prices and run sales based on the time of the year, passenger demand, weather, major events/festivals, time of day, competitor prices, and much more.

Low Season :

Fly during Bali’s slow season. If you fly during high season, your tickets will cost more.

Be Flexible:  

Also If you fly midweek, super early, really late at night (red-eye), or add a few connections, then you will find cheaper flights because most people don’t want to do that. Don’t buy tickets departing on the weekend. Flights after a weekend holiday early in the morning or red-eye (midnight) are good options too.


April to October is the best time to visit Bali when there is little rain, low humidity, and lots of sunshine. Bali is a good year-round destination. There is a wet season but it can still be a good time to visit Bali. If you want to save money the best months are May, June, and October.

flights to bali from nyc

A Flexible Destination Is King

Americans in particular should look for the cheapest flight across the ocean on any international flight, then grab the cheapest local flight to their intended final destination from wherever they end up.(1) see what prices are available via Google Flights, Momondo, etc. to various places are around the world; (2) decide which of the cheap destinations appeal to you; and (3) select the dates you like that have the cheap fares available.

If your location is on just hit search, otherwise type in your home airport

bali indonesia airport

This method will definitely help you find cheap flights to Bali or any other destination you have always wanted to visit. It also adds to your adventure and a fun  way to visit many different countries .


Domestic Indonesia

International In & Out of Indonesia

Budget airlines always charge fees for checked bags, carry-ons, printing your boarding pass, using a credit card, and anything else they can get away with. Be sure to double check the price before you hit the last submit button.

Try Multiple Search Engines

Finding cheap flights to Bali can be difficult especially when budget airlines avoid booking commissions and never add their fares to popular search engines. Furthermore, some booking sites never post in English while other sites will feed prices directly from airlines which is also in another language and currency. The more tools/ search engines you have the easier it will be to find your cheap flights.

Type in your final destination and take note of the price then open Google Flights and type in the destinations continent  to see prices to nearby airports. If there is a significant difference then take the next step by seeing how much a ticket from that destination is to your final destination. There are a lot of search engines that will provide you with different results like:

  • Airwander   you can see layovers and compare the pricesfrom different airlines including budget airlines in the search result.
  • Momondo –  They search the most airlines and websites in the world and come back with the highest search results for  cheaper flights.
  • Google Flights – Awesome search engine that lets you see prices for multiple destinations.
  • Skyscanner – One of the best booking sites out there. They have a great user interface (and a great app for mobile)

Book Early

The best time to book your flight is around two months prior to departure, or around three months before if you are going to your destination during their high season.

Sign Up For Frequent Flyer & Travel Hack

The primary reasons to join a frequent flyer program are to earn:

  • Free flights
  • Seat upgrades
  • Elite status

As you think about what you’re looking to get out of the program, consider your goals. A typical decision for frequent flyer members is whether to use miles on luxury rides or more trips. For example, flying business class may cost as many points as two trips in economy class. you Can click on links in FLY BUDGET CARRIERS for reward programs

Join Cheap Flight Mailing List's

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Sign Up for their social accounts as well like twitter and facebook.

Keep in mind that airlines can refuse to honor by canceling your flight and refunding your monies. It normally takes a few days to confirm your flight so wait before you jump for joy and and start booking your accommodations.With airline mistake fares, it’s up to the airline whether an erroneous fare is honored. They are allowed to correct the fare and not honor the mistake price if they so wish.

Search In Other Currency

Take advantage of favorable exchange rates and try paying in the national currency of wherever that airline is based. Furthermore, flying to the airline’s country of origin will produce even bigger savings. But, some countries thought of this already and have their prices set to fluctuate with the USD.


How To Find Airline Mistakes (Error Fares or Airline Price Glitches)

Several times a year, airlines will incorrectly load a fare into a booking engine, resulting in a tickets sold for $100 instead of $1000 or an amazing deal in a business class cabin to Bali. Cathay Pacific for example, accidentally sold  international business class tickets from Vietnam to New York City for $675 (economy price) instead of $16,000. Only those paying attention during the twelve-hour window in which the fares were loaded were able to take advantage. So whether it was currency conversion mistake, forgetting to add the fuel surcharges and fees, or simply human error, you can also find error fares. It is way too time consuming and costly for airlines to catch every price glitch in their system. I use google flights and skyscanner, by selecting the entire month while searching for your departure date.Makes it easy to spot low priced fares when you can glance at the month and compare prices.
You can also find error fares by following the experts . Sites like Secret Flying, Airfarewatchdog, The Flight Deal, I Want That Flight, Fly For Free, Flyer Talk SkyScanner, Fare compare, google flights and lots of Travel Forums like:

Mix & Match

Most of the time booking websites use the same airline for your trip, Therefore you may not always get the best deal if you are stopping in multiple countries. You can book with different airlines with ease with the sites I have provided you with. You just have to play connect the dots until you find the best option  Mixing and matching tickets is one of the best ways to backpack while finding the cheapest flight into Bali.

The Bottom Line

With the right combination of everything we just went over, you will find cheap tickets to Bali and any destination on Earth. By searching non-traditional search engines , being flexible while choosing the right airline to the right destination, and trying different currencies. You can even try searching from a VPN to trick the airlines or  by blocking your cookies.Play around with all these methods and you will see results.

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