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I help great brands scale with SEO-focused content marketing.

Content Is King!

You don’t want hype. You don’t want jargon. You want honest, non-salesy copy that’s down-to-earth, concise, and appropriate for your job. You don’t want writing that’s full of fluff and all that other useless crap that turns people away. You want people to feel like they’re having a conversation with you. I’ll help you with that. I’m passionate about language, and want to make your writing. Bali is a tourist town where visitors typically only come for a maximum of 2 weeks. Getting their traffic online is only half the battle, the real battle is getting traffic through your front door!

A true passion for travel

For me, travel came first, I’ve spent years exploring this incredible planet due to suffering from an incurable wanderlust, obsessive  adrenaline disorder, and a strong desire to keep creating content.

Live your Words

I don’t have to imagine what it feels like to watch the sunrise at Mount Kelimutu in Flores Indonesia, or river raft in Ubud, Indonesia. I’ve tasted street tacos in Tijuana, Mexico as well as ride bumper cars at the Prater in Vienna Austria. Let my real experiences inspire your customers.

Beyond the page

My goal is to take your customers beyond the page, whether that be right in the middle of a dreamy destination, to your mailing list, to believe in your brand, make a purchase, or direct them to your front doors, I can take them there.

Always Researching

I am always Reading news and studying behaviors and trends of Bali’s travel industry. I listen to my   audience as well as  question everything from stories, facts, opinions, ideas, and reviews which  gives me great insight when I write. 

Professional Travelers

I might be traveler at heart, but I strive to give you 100% professional travel copy writing experience, making your business a priority. I’ve successfully crafted the art of creating content for brands like yours while continuing to wander this amazing planet. After all, travelers have bills to pay to.

Really know your industry

One-Stop Digital Agency

A end-to-end solution with the tools and intelligence needed to publish exceptional content and maximize ROI.

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 Social Storytelling

Blasting promo link after promo link is a far cry from an effective social strategy anymore. This rings true for pretty much any social platform, especially if you’re looking to get more followers which ultimately will drive traffic to your business.

In short, people are sick of spam and impersonal brands alike.

This is why storytelling content is all-the-rage right now. Oftentimes lacking any sort of concrete CTA or accompanying link, story-based posts are meant to drive discussion rather than clicks.


It takes a lot of time to create content for multiple platforms. Just concentrate on a few that are generating a return for you.

Focus on Finding the Right People, Not The Most People

 Picking a select few social platforms to grow a loyal following  is better than being on every platform and having no interaction.

it boils down to the content you share, the keywords you use and the way you promote your content. Following these 10 ways and then doing a little bit of research about SEO in general will most likely make your site rank higher than your competitors.

  1. You should consistently add new relevant content to your site.
  2. Make sure that your URL’s contain the keywords for which you are optimizing.
  3. Remove any type of duplicated content on your site.
  4. Utilize any social sharing buttons on your site.
  5. Add your new content to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon
  6. Create effective title tags that incorporate your target keywords. <TITLE>Target Keywords</TITLE>
  7. Avoid low quality link sites in favor of sites with higher page rankings.
  8. Improve your on-page content structure. (H1’s, Bolding, Anchor Text (</H1>TITLE</H1> )  (<b>important stuff</b>)      ( <a href=””><links<>/a>)
  9. write for your readers , not just your search engines
  10. conduct a full site audit to determine issues

We need to focus and deliver high quality work. But we will always have a bias towards action. Theorizing possibilities (and worrying about unintended consequences) can lead to inaction and slowness. Being fast may mean we break a few things, but ultimately, it also means we can get better quickly. This is not just reflected in how we ship product. But also how we roll out compensation plans, new systems, new contracts, or even how we run meetings (everyone hates slow meetings). Sometimes being fast will mean we get things wrong. But if you fail, fail fast. Then learn, and go win. As long as we are running in the right direction away from the cliff, we should be good.



Print Is Not Dead

Everyone knows digital media has exploded and print circulation is in decline, but marketers who buy into the mistaken notion that print is dead and buried are doing themselves a disservice and missing out on a very real and, ironically, novel way to connect with their target audience. What’s funny is that print, once the old-fashioned content marketing staple, can now actually feel unique—a way to break thought the digital advertising clutter.

Your social media goals will determine the metrics that matter to you, and it’s important to measure these to ensure you’re on the right track with your strategy. For instance, if you wanted to increase traffic to your site, then you’d want to pay attention to the amount of referral traffic coming from your social networks.

There are many resources you can rely on for metrics, including Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and page insights, Sprout Social, LinkedIn company pages report, Keyhole, Twitter analytics and keyword reports, Buffer, and BuzzSumo. Be consistent and don’t give up before the miracle happens.

We are an end-to-end solution with the tools and intelligence needed to publish exceptional content and maximize ROI.

Chaos simplified–Every project, deadline, and action item is managed by global and local teams. Reduce costs and foster teamwork with a platform that organizes all of your marketing activities so everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Running a content marketing program on a global scale can be complicated – soloed organizations, countless work streams, and overlapping deadlines with no clear way to prove success. Halo Bule eases the pain by streamlining content creation and distribution, measuring performance, and surfacing predictive insights for content improvements that boost business results.

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