Nyepi Day Bali 2020

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Melasti Ritual March 22nd 2020


This year on March 22nd  2020, village communities (or banjar) throughout Bali will make their way to the edges of  beaches, rivers, or lakes, usually near a Hindu temple (or Pura) where the water is believed to be the source of life. On this day the holy water is not used to purify a mortal being, but the village, it’s earthly representations of their Gods and the sacred objects from their temples. This is of course under close watch of none other than, Batara Baruna, the lord of the sea and three high priest representing the Kāmaloka, Rūpaloka, and Arūpaloka worlds. Ladies will carry offerings (Mapeeds) on their heads, men will carry pratima shrines on their shoulders, a long line of villagers dressed in their kebaya, sarongs, and udengs, and not too far behind,  a Balinese gamelan orchestra plays their music until they are greeted by ancestral spirits. The world and all walks of life around them are then purified as priests pray and chant their mantras. The  sprinkling of “tirtha”, or holy water that bridges the material and the spiritual, purification of manah (mind)”, then sipped to be understood as “purification of wak (speech)”, and then sprinkled over the body symbolizing “purification of kaya (attitude and behavior)”.

OGOH OGOH Festival March 24th 2020

Canceled Due to Covid-19

The Ngrupuk parade takes places  in every village in Bali. Lots of movement and sounds are made with the gamelan instruments and the giant, menacing-looking dolls the island’s youths or banjar bear proudly upon their shoulders.The shaking of  ogoh ogoh symbolizes  duels between demons and  villages , warding off the Bhuta-Kala or evil spirits,until they have left the island.  the Ogoh Ogoh’s will then be burnt as a symbol of purification or left for communities to marvel at with  great pride.

Nyepi day March 25th 2020

After the parade, the ogoh-ogoh will continue to burn through the night until the rising of the sun. The island will be of total silence. On this day, Amati Geni declares that the use of light including fire or electricity is prohibited; no planes take off  or  land; no traffic or travel is allowed; tv’s and radios should be off, and noise should be at a minimal. Nobody should work besides the pecalang or village militia who patrol the island ensuring guest respect there rules as well. This is a time to be still while refraining from making any mark, action or karma. On this day, all signs of life are put on pause, it’s a time to reflect as you detox and cleanse yourself of any pollutants or distractions. Until the next Nyepi,  Every Hindu on the island will continue to interrupt the Samsara cycle of reincarnation and merge into the cosmic void or Sunya  by trying to controll their actions (karma) and overcome their inner demons every year.

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