Online Scammers Net $80,000 Through Facebook

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From snake-blood salesmen and pool-hall hustlers to salty gold mines and The Ponzi Scheme, scams were happening long before the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet has only made things worse.     One of the easiest places to encounter online scams is Facebook. Facebook encourages sharing, which means certain scams can travel far and wide reaching billions of potential victims with a single press of the button. One of those was scams happened recently through Facebook Messenger claiming over $80,000 according to the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Hundreds of victims have made reports that they were scammed over cheap $99 tickets sold by Customers said they received vouchers via Facebook messenger and were then asked to pay more for their desired travel dates. a California based company that offers a travel club package that promises up to 80% off tickets and resorts around the world. they never kept their promise and as a result  they have left a trail of complaints that were reported on the BBB , RipOffReport, and other online consumer protection sites, eventually resulting to a Investigation and many   victims demanding answers.

A victim wrote:                                                                                                                                          “We were starting to see that his is a scam company and we were going to be out
our $3000 down payment for a useless travel program. Travel to go scam is a horrible company and I would recommend in staying away from them! Further research showed that they have several FTC, BBB and even Legal Filings against them! Travel to go ripoff is a horrible company and I am shocked that they can still continue to operate as they seem to do nothing but rip people off!

Modern scammers can reach billions of potential victims with a single message. And their scams are getting better every day. If you aren’t paying attention, you could fall for a scam and not ever realize it.

be careful online and happy travels

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