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Tips For The Female Traveler Or Any Gender

Any woman who is currently traveling in Bali or planning to do so, and is asking the question whether or not it is safe for them to travel alone–YES, GO!.  But, they should also surround themselves with other travelers who have been in Bali for a little while. Notably, most people here would say, YES…Bali is safe, for those who have basic street sense. Is Bali much safer than other places? yes, but things happen where you least expect them to. However, as a woman or any gender traveling alone anywhere in the world, there are a few ground rules you should follow no matter what. Although most would call these “common sense” or at least “street sense”, Some women blatantly break some of these most basic rules below.

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Research Your Destination Before You Go.

Find out the good and bad areas of town.

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Don’t leave a drink unattended.

This is for obvious reasons and don’t get drunk unless you’re in the company of people who can take you all the way back to where you’re staying.

Make Local Connections.

Even if you don’t have friends in the area, villa owners in Bali are very helpful and will answer any questions you have about places to go, and how to stay safe.

Don’t Put Yourself in Overly Isolated Situations.

Don’t Put Yourself in Overly Isolated Situations.

 From choice of accommodation, to location of your daily stroll, isolation means inability to call for help if you need it.

Walk With Confidence.

People can see your afraid, lost, or nervous by your body language which in turn can make you an easy target. Wear sunglasses so people can’t see where you’re looking and walk tall.

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Dress Appropriately

 Although you’ll see all kinds of tourists wearing skimpy dresses , tank tops , and bikinis, don’t follow suit; Bali is a conservative Hindu culture and it’s considered rude to show too much skin. Doing so will further label you as a tourist who doesn’t know what she’s doing and thus make you a greater target.

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Carry A Saraong

Take a sarong with you when visiting a temples or any other religious grounds. Wear a t-shirt that covers your shoulders. If you don’t have a sarong, many temples will provide one for a nominal fee. This isn’t a money-making exercise, the locals are simply trying to help you observe the basic courtesies. 

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Getting Around

Blue Bird taxis are the way to go. They are known as being the reliable tourist ones so I wouldn’t bother with any others. They all have photo ID’s too. Beware of the Bluebird imposters posing as actual Bluebird Taxi’s, they will try to triple the price . They’ll even keep driving as you try to bargain for the entire ride, just be firm and tell them to let you out immediately.

Watch Out For The Jambret

There have been cases of people getting their purses or phones snatched off while riding their motorbike by another pair of people who are also on a motorbike. These people are called “Jambret” which means “snatcher” in Indonesian.They prey on  tourist especially the passenger of a motorbike who is either navigating with their phone app, filming their journey, or taking selfies. They are in fact easy prey when they have their phones out. The jambrets normally look for victims in quieter areas , but It has been happening a lot  during Canggu’s rush  hour.
There have also been a number of instances of women getting their purses snatched. The Jambret will grab the strap from your purse causing their victims to crash and without their purse and belongings. The jambret also use a knife to just cut the strap. Either way a purse with a strap is a big no no in Bali, it makes you and easy target for Jambret’s. Instead put your purse under the seat compartment or carry your belongings in your pocket.  So even though it takes a lot of concentration to navigate through the streets of Bali, try to always be on alert and hold on to your stuff.

Final Thought

So no matter where you go in this world as a solo female traveler or just a solo traveler in general, stay alert at all times no matter where you are in this beautiful but unpredictable world. Check for cars in both directions , change your passwords frequently, keep your prized possessions safe, , always tell someone where you are going, don’t be one of those tourist (you know who they are), and continue to make connections throughout your adventure in Bali.

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