Staying Fit In Bali

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A lot of people ask me how I managed to lose so much weight, stop smoking, and continue to stay fit all while traveling and living here in Bali, and while I’d love to joke and say it has a lot to do with my budget, there are in fact many ways to  stay bigger, leaner and stronger while you are in Bali for vacation, for business, or as a expat. First off you’re going to need a burning desire to stay fit because the temptations run fierce here in Bali with new restaurants and warungs opening everywhere. You might also think to  yourself that it’s okay, I’m on vacation, I can cheat a little, I’ll just continue my diet  and exercise routine when I get back home. You might make excuses like, there’s no gym and my kitchen is not here with my blender or juicer which is true but in reality you’re just convincing yourself that it’s okay to “let yourself go”, when in reality it’s extremely easy to keep eating healthy and stay active while your here in Bali.

12 Steps To Staying Fit In Bali

  1. Before booking your hotel check to see if they have a gym or pool. Almost all 5 star hotels have a gym , pool, and even a yoga class on the grounds. You can check out my list of hotel gyms here. If your staying at a villa ask your host if there are gyms near by.  Check out my top 5 villas per area list.
  2. Join a gym for a month and work out with expats and locals.                                            Here is a list of gyms with monthly pricing as well as my detailed review.
  3. The beach is always a good place to run, do sit-ups, stretch all while enjoying a beautiful view. Dusk and Dawn are the best times
  4. You can find all types of Instructors and classes on the beach for aerobics, strength training, yoga, etc. etc…. check out my list here.
  5. Swimming while lounging by the pool or beach is my favorite and free exercise.
  6. Shop and walk at malls. here are the best malls for exercise.
  7. hiking excursions
  8. Run or walk at a park. here are the best places.
  9. Stay away from white rice. Best places to eat healthy
  10. Drink lots of fresh juice. list of juice Bars
  11. buy yourself a cheap juicer. Best portable juicers or deals in Bali click here
  12. Stock up on fruits and veggies. list of places to shop for best produce

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